Travelling with kids. But who carries the bag?

You have booked your trip, and this time you are taking the kids.
And then you ask yourself, what are we taking and where will it fit?

Kids love carrying their own bags. At least for a few minutes… But how do we get them excited about their bag and find at the same time a good quality, durable product the kids can relate to and will not cost the price of a plane ticket?

At “The travelling kids” we have done lots of  research to give you tips on the best bags/suitcases/backpacks available, depending on your family needs.

For adventurous families and children; these are the best three backpacks.



Jack Wolfskin Alpine Trail backpack (
One of the best brands of outdoor equipment in general, the Alpine Trail  is for kids over 6 years and has a capacity of 20L.  We recommend this rucksack for families that travel regularly to mountainous environments. Very good for kids with some experience hiking and camping. It has all the details and attention to detail you would expect from the brand.

poler bag

Poler, the mini rucksack (
The mini rucksack is smaller than the Alpine, with only 10L capacity. It is designed for younger kids, but as with any  Poler product, the quality is great. The burnt orange version is the first choice by our kids, and we like the vintage feel. The best part of this bag is that you can use it for those hiking excursions, and also take it on the plane cabin or to the park for a picnic. Best of both worlds.


Mammut First Trion 12/18 (
As the chosen logo of the company represents strength, this is all about durability. A little pricier than the previous two recommendations, this backpack will last you forever. Pioneers of climbing ropes business since the 1900, Mammut have made the strongest backpacks around since the 1980s. Best choice for intrepid families, with two size options, the 12 for younger kids and the 18 for older or taller children. You will not find the fancy features the Wolfskin has, but it offers better back support.


Are you travelling in style? Meet the ideal suitcase

The hard shell by Murano (best site
This suitcase is without doubt one of the best around. The hard shell makes it resistant and the four  360 degree wheels make really easy to carry. Inside, two separate compartments (a zipped one with outside pockets and an elastic retaining strap) keep all belongings tidy while on the move.
The best of the Murano range is the seriously stylish interchangeable designs. With images to suit everybody’s taste, you can order different ones separately and replace them. The Murano hard shell comes in different sizes, 20″ and 24″.


Introducing Pack‘d (
Pack’s is an Australian brand that offers a range of super-fun kids wheelie cases. At present they have four contemporary great designs. Our favorite being the “superstar”, but take your pick. These compact cases are sturdy, small enough to be allowed in the airplane cabin, even if flying with Ryanair and great for kids of all ages.

littlelife clear

Littlelife (
If you don’t already know Littlelife, we recommend you log into their website straight away (after checking, that is). They have a very large range of superb products. Their kids suitcases are the cutests we have found around, and although are designed for younger travellers, still offer 20L of storage and an inside pocket for accessories. As all Littlelife products, these are resistant and will last you until your child grows out of them.

A couple of extra tips:

We did not want to miss recommending you two of our all time personal products.


BoostApak by Trunki (
If you don’t want to pay extra for a dirty and used car seat when you rent a car abroad, the BoostApak is all you need. It is a bag where the kids can pack all they need to entertain themselves on the plane, and it becomes a car seat booster for kids from the age of four. They are strong and very easy to clean.


Olaf suitcase scooter (
For the older, cooler kids, Olaf have created the ultimate ride on suitcase and we are seriously impressed. It is a great piece of design. Unlike the Maxi Micro, it folds completely, it is much lighter and better quality.

Enjoy your travels!

The travelling kids.


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