Sweet Barcelona

We love chocolate and so do our kids. If you are travelling to Barcelona, don’t miss the mouth watering displays in la Boqueria, visit the elegant bakeries of Paseo de Gracia and Gran via or follow the delicious smell of cocoa and let it take you to Carrer Petritxol. The possibilities are endless, any time of the year.

To help you choose, we have selected the best sweet and chocolate specialists in Barcelona. The most important quality? All child friendly, offering welcoming service and that little something that makes all the difference to families travelling with kids. Sure to create a lasting memory for the entire family.


La Farga
Gran Via de Les corts Catalanes 630,( Metro Passeig de Gracia,L3). www.fargarbarcelona.com
La Farga is a classic Catalan chocolates and pastry shop. Created in 1957, they have a long history of successful  sweet creations. There are various locations across the city. I recommend you visit the shop in Gran via as it the the closest to the city centre.



Hofman pasteleria
Carrer Flassaders 44, ( Metro Barceloneta, L4) www.hofmann-bcn.com

You will know you are not far as soon as you smell the vanilla, sugar and caramel aromas. Located in El Born, one of the most eclectic neighborhoods in the city, this is a sweet little shop, where croissants are the stars. You will also find an entire galaxy of cakes, chocolates, desserts, ice creams and more. Hofmann is also more than a bakery and chocolate shop. They train the best pastry chefs of the city at the Hofmann school, and have several restaurants across Barcelona.



Carrer Princesa 28 ( Metro Jaume I, L4)  www.demasie.es
Created by the Escursell brothers (owners of Xocoa, see below), Demasie is a hip chocolate and cookies shop and cafe located located in the city centre (they have other locations but we recommend this one). Everything you see is artisanal, made by the pastry chefs daily.It is a busy hub, but don’t walk away. The attentive staff will find you a table in no time and offer advice on what too choose as they have over 30 cookie varieties.



Petrixol, 11 (Metro Liceu, L3)  www.xocoa-bcn.com

If Demasie happens to be full, check Xocoa next door. Or why not both? Xocoa has also another location not far ( they have 15 cafes and shops in Barcelona). The cutest one perhaps being the one in Petritxol, the one we recommend.

Chocolate, and chocolate and more chocolate , a true paradise where you can sample the best churros con chocolate in the whole city, and as locals, we certify the statement. If you are already full, browse the shop. The many treats that can be purchased make a great souvenir alternative to take back home. If you manage not to eat it before you get to the airport, that is.


Ramble de les Flors 83 (MetroLiceo,L3).  www.escriba.es

And last, but certainly not least, is Escriba.Beyond doubt, the most beautiful cake shop in the city, this establishment has been part of the Escriba family since 1986, but the building has a long history. The Escriba family has been in business since 1906, and they represent the quintessential Catalan artisanal bakers. Antonio Escriba invented the “Mona” concept which is now the traditional Easter chocolate figurine in Catalunya. Don’t miss a visit to this extraordinary shop. Kids are free to try and the employees will be only too happy to share some extraordinary facts with you.

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